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Hangzhou Heng Kang Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Address: Hangzhou District, Yuhang City, Zhejiang Province, Huang Hu Town Industrial Park
Communication and enrich people's lives.

Focus on our customers challenges and pressure to provide competitive communications and inion solutions and services, continued to create maximum value for customers.

Core Values
Company's core values are rooted in our deepest core beliefs, value for business up to today is the internal driving force, it is our shared commitment to the future. It ensures that we act in unison to provide effective services to customers, to achieve "rich people's communication and life" vision.

Customer success
Value for the customer service is the only reason business exists, the customer demand is the driving force behind the development of commercial value. We adhere to customer-centric, rapid response to customer demand, continued long-term value for customers and thus create customer success. Provide effective services to customers, is the direction of our work and value of the evaluation scale, customer success is our success.

We can not rely on any scarce resource, the only hard to win respect and trust of customers. Reflected in the struggle to create value for customers of any small event, and in the process of preparing for labor to enrich themselves and make efforts to improve. We adhere to the striver-oriented, so striver get a reasonable return.

The purpose of self-criticism is continuous improvement, continuous improvement, not self-denial.Only by upholding the self-criticism, to listen, discard and continue beyond, to respect others and more likely to cooperate with others to achieve the customer, company, team and individual common development.

Open ahead
In order to better meet customer demand, our aggressive, courage, insist on openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, products, solutions and business management, and only translate into commercial success in order to produce value.We adhere to customer demand-oriented and focus on customer needs continuous innovation.

Sincerity and trustworthiness
We only magnanimous and sincere hearts, in order to deliver its promises. Integrity is our most important intangible assets, value providers adhere to the faith to win customers.

Katsunori celebrated toast, Baize desperate rescue.Teamwork is not only the spirit of cross-cultural collaboration of groups, but also break down departmental walls to enhance the process efficiency of effective protection.

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