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Hangzhou Heng Kang Electronics Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0571-88225002
Fax: 0571-88225003
Address: Hangzhou District, Yuhang City, Zhejiang Province, Huang Hu Town Industrial Park

Hangzhou Hengkang Electronic Co., Ltd. is the domestic leading position of FFC flexible flat cable, LVDS LCD TV cable and MCC Mini coaxial cable professional production enterprises. Advanced detection equipment and excellent management team, so I Division has won numerous domestic and international well-known enterprises cooperation and support.

We focus on the development of new products and updates, and continuously enhance the technical strength, monthly production LVDS connection line 2000000, car harness 50000 sets.

Our goal is to become the first supplier customers, constantly challenge ourselves to meet and exceed customer quality, service and value expectation.

After nearly ten years to carve, today's value has developed into a company with more than1000 employees, under the three subsidiaries, operating scale of over 100 million yuan the leading domestic enterprises specializing in the production of various types of connecting line. The future, we expect:

In order to balance of the mind, a business model.

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